You seriously thought there was a website here?

Oh man. That's hilarious!


I can't believe how gullable you are.

*sheds tear*

Sorry, I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but seriously!

*breathes deeply*


Anyway, since you're here (*snort*) you can check out the following...

Here are our photos:

Digital Photos (password required)

Here is my face:

Facebook Profile

And here's us:

Seth & Linda Leary
745 West Oak Lane
Francis, UT 84036

Home: 435-783-7650
Seth: 801-875-0260
Linda: 801-657-2703


Oh, and be sure to check out these sites, which I totally promise exist. (*tee hee*)

a little Leary - Linda's blog

Leary Kids - Thinkin' Out Loud - Blog about our kids